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How many times have you said "Why do I buy toys when they prefer playing with the box''? 

Have you ever had a family photo session where your children refuse to smile? Or refuse to sit still? Better yet, refuse to participate in the photo session all together?  

Then these sessions are for you!

Photog-a-box sessions are by far my favourite family session! 

These are not your traditional family session, and so much fun for the whole family.

Kids can be themselves and be as silly as they want.... parents too. I always encourage everyone to be themselves as it makes it that much more fun, for everyone.

The whole session is completed within the box, breaking it down into kids, parents and individuals.

A collage of images is then created to produce a piece of art for your family home, that will sure to be a talking point amongst friends and family. 

I offer family, sibling, portrait, best friend, maternity, birthday box sessions,  cake smash and paint smash, spaghetti smash sessions as well as fury friend sessions and last but not least cardboard box sessions as well.... anything you want!


Cameron Park NSW . . Somerton Park SA

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