Session Information

Our sessions are fun and unique, and are a perfect way to capture a little one’s personality!

What child doesn’t like playing in a box?

The whole session is photographed in three different size boxes, our 60 cm and 85cm box for

preschool/kindys and a 100cm box for primary schools. 

Each child will have a series of photos taken in the box, but for those that aren’t too sure, we can also use

props such as blocks, toys and books and we even have a few bright coloured chairs as well.

We also have an assistant working side by side with the photographer who will assist the child with posing if needed.


Our sessions, these aren’t all about catching a smile, but about catching a child's personality as well. Some children will clown around and have a blast, while others will be more laid back... Whatever they do, the images will show the child's true nature. No image will look the same!

Traditional class photos require perfect timing to capture all children smiling, or even looking, however with photog-a-box photography, children are photographed individually and combine all children to make a class collage. 

Our photog-a-box sessions are suitable from when your little person is sitting up, and for those

children that aren’t quite sitting yet, we will have a traditional photo session that will be collaged together using

one of our templates.

We welcome educators and staff to jump in the box themselves, or alternatively you can opt for a traditional headshot free of charge.

With every package purchased, no matter how big or small, $2 will be donated to the centre or to a

charity of the centres choice.